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My new Ariens snowblower 920014 stalls misses and blows black smoke when under heavy load. Ariens and the Authorized Repair dealer have never heard of the problem after selling over 3 million snowblowers.

They want me to pay, at my expense, a cost of $75 to pick up and return the Repair Dealer each time, to try to fix a problem that has everyone perplexed. I just want another one and Ariens can try to figure out their own problem at their expense. I joined the "Ariens Family" only to get screwed with their shortcomings.

I don't know if the fact that I live in Canada makes a difference. Don't buy Ariens!

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Get your facts straight. Areins does not make the engine. If you bothered to read the sales brochure--which you should do as an "informed" buyer--it says what is used for the engines. Look at the darn stickers on the engine. The internet has the same information.

It is easy to blame someone else for the idiocy of others. read your warranty! It covers the parts and the labor. If you have trouble with the $75, go to your local U-Haul and get a truck for $20.00, plus a few cents per mile, and take the blower there yourself.

Can't you take responsibility for yourself. Maybe you are not listening to, or cannot accept,what they are telling you is the problem. Stop whining. I am sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with you livig in Canada. After all, were you not taking it to a CANADIAN servicer?

Ignorance can be an ingredient in rationalization. THINK.

Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #586935

The Ariens Compnay would like to apologzie for the problems you are having, and discuss this with you personally.

Please contact 920.756.2141 and ask for Mike in Tech Service.


I am burning non alcohol fuel and I did change the spark plug. When you simulate a heavy load condition by removing the carb cover, at throttle in full position, and pull on the governor lever it immediately starts to miss, backfire out the exhaust and you can see the atomized-fuel mixture which looks like white fog, shooting out of the carb.

Of course the motor has no power and to remove the plowed snow at the end of the driveway takes forever. Ariens have never heard of the problem and Briggs and Stratton won't let you talk to anyone that might be of help. I ended up contacting Home Depot's manager and he gladly took it back and replaced it with a new one.

It runs fine on regular snow, like the first one but I have yet to test it on a heavy load. Home Depot rocks and Ariens and Briggs and Stratton suck.


Wildbill, just a suggestion, have you tried fresh non alcohol fuel (recreation fuel) and a new spark plug. We have found here in Michigan that unit that are trying to burn fuel with alcohol in it, do not run the way they are suppose to. Recreation fuel may cost alittle more, but alot less headaches.

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