I have had my self propelled lawn mower for 2 years , and have had to service it 3 times. No small fixes.

Cracked carb x 2 and a problem with the entire gas line erroding within the first 6 weeks of use. Each time the fixes cost roughly $80.

So for the 2 years that I have owned this mower I have paid roughly $240 extra dollars on a machine that was a sale price of $259. (We bought this model because we didn't want to spend too much) Now I own a $500 machine that is worth the same as a pile of *** and equally as useful.

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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #854821

I bought an Ariens a few years back thinking I was buying quality and a Kohler engine to boot. With two hours of use I had it in the shop twice and have had nothing but problems with it since.

On the other hand I have a 25 year old Craftsman Eager One that has run flawlessly. Get the message here?


Cracked carb within first 3 weeks of use? Cost?

Mine had a 1 year warranty. The pull start cord broke and they mailed me a new one free and I took it to HD repair and it was done free.

I hit a few rocks that stalled the motor -- if it won't start, the ignitor needs to be adjusted.

Pull off the fuel line and remove the strainer.

Buy extra fuel line ($2) and put an inline fuel filter from Advance Auto ($2) that allows you to see inside. Carb stays much happier.


Bought the Ariens A173k22. Have had no problems or issues with the machine.

It has performed to my expectations of a mower. Start on first or 2nd pull most of the time.

Have used it for 3years. I do take care of my equipment.


We bought the Ariens A173K22 at Home Depot

for $280.00 and used it twice. The second year

it would not start and we took it to a small

engine shop, the cost $120.00. We used it three

times. We only need it for edging. The third

year 2012 will not start again. Starts and stalls. It is a piece of junk. I am very disgusted and will never buy Ariens again.

If their owners manual is hard to understand.

Shame on Ariens.


Lawn mowers are now junk, tho Lawnboy may still be reliable. They are also throwaways.

If you cannot fix them yourself cheaply, throw away and buy a new one. For a push behind mower, get a cheap one for $100 or so. They work just as well(or as badly)as a $500 one. I still have a Lawnboy 2 cycle that is 50 years old and still going strong.

I have maintained it all these years. I am unable to find a Lawnboy dealer in my area, tho, so the last push behind I bought for my wife was at Meijers at the end of season for $99. It works. Just don't expect a real professional cut.

Or for it to last more than a few years, no matter how good you take care of it. My lawn tractors(3 of them)are all John Deere's.

They are the only reliable lawn tractors out there. Just make sure you buy one from a local John Deere dealer, not at a place like Lowe's, etc.

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