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Last October I bought a ariens 54" from home depot. Used it twice last year with no real problems.

This year is a different story though. Just had the ariens local repairman pick it up for: won't engage forward or back, lights won't turn on, battery mysteriously drains, wheels are out of aligned-way out of alignment, non turf wheels spin on slight inclines. This has been a terrible purchase and all i want is my money back. The mower sounded great and had a few extras that other mowers didn't have and it was made by husqvarna.

I thought this would be great but it has been nothing but trouble. don't buy this machine.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Oh by the way this 54 also has fuel gage out, and wis doesn't even sent the warranty part they just give me so called dealers. Either the dealer is more then 50miles, or the one closest doesn't have any part and Homedepot did even have blades.

Ariens is a disorganized company to work with and the down time has been aweful NEVER AGAIN!! IM AM FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE AG!


I purchased my zero zoom from Homedepot, big mistake the store is totally useless. My first 4hrs the pully on the deck actually stripped out.

I called wis for a part never came. A month later called again they then send the wrong pully so I had the orignial welded. Now the starter went out. no parts anywhere within 50miles.

Mower now sits at Runnings waiting for repair.

Buy a John Deere avoid the zoom or anyother mower by ariens especially at Homedepot. My mower is 4 months old.


forgot to mention that I posted my review on the Ariens website and they never posted it. Tried again and they didn't post that one either. Guess they only post the ones they are favorable.

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