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This is my second 17hp 42" cut Ariens lawn tractor. I like the tractors and think they are made well. I was unable to ever get either to cut level. I also had a 24hp 46" cut Husqvarna lawn tractor from Lowes and they only have a one year warranty from Husqvarna. 15 months from purchase the transmission quite working. It would cost 750.oo to replace it. If I had bought it from a dealer it would have a 2 year warranty. I understand that... Read more

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I bought an Arien 46" two years ago and just before my one year warranty expired, the transmission broke. Yes, BROKE! It is made of plastic. one year later I had similar problems and fou;nd out from the repair folks, the transmission went out again. To replace theplastic transmission costs $750.00. Fortunately the good repair folks called Arien and argued with them about my case so Arien sent them another plastic transmission for free. I... Read more

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Bought a self propelled mower used it 6 times quit running had it serviced they took off the float bowl and that it was gummed up cleaned it used 4-5 times now leaks gas from the carb. Contacted ariens they said it's a kohler engine contact them, but I bought the mower from ariens not kohler they should be the ones contacting kohler not me. BEWARE DON'T BUY ARIENS THE CUSTOMERS ARE ONLY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU'RE BUYING AFTERWARDS YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN Read more

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I purchased an ARIENS 46 inch cut riding lawnmower from Home Depot. Six (6) months later, it would not go forward or reverse. It was still under warranty so I called and had to drive 40 miles to the nearest shop to fix it. After three (3) months, I go my riding lawnmower back. I used it for one summer since being repaired. Winter came, and now with spring and long grass, I took the mower out and started cutting grass. After approximately 10... Read more

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I bought a Ariens 20 hp, 42 inch deck rider. It was traded in for a John Deer because the rod cap that holds the forward/reverse rod in place would not stay on. I bought it from the JD dealer cheap. No wonder it was cheap. The wanted to dump it as soon as they could. I got the cap to stay on the pin of the forward/reverse rod connection. But the tractor will hardly go into reverse. I is operated by a pulley that closes on the belt to get... Read more

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Bought an ariens riding mower mowed grass 3 times transmission went out . cheap *** bought a snapper ztr very pleased with it .no more of that cheap *** ariens ***

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gears wore out after roughly 100 hrs of use. full of lube, never ran dry Had L3 syntec oil in gear box, oil was gray colored. Very short life span, not at all like the 1980 model I've had for 33 years. Very sad to see that manufacturers cannot afford to build longlife equipment. Then again, they can but the average consumer wouldn't understand why the difference in price....I hate cheap stuff built for the consumer. They are not built to last... Read more

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Purchased an Ariens Snowblower in December of 2012. The machine has approximately 20 hours on it over the course of four winters. During the last snowfall, with 1/4 of the driveway complete, the wheels would not engage. Turns out it was a faulty spring that snapped. I called Ariens customer service and was provided with a part number. I asked if they could send me the part and the rep refused because the machine's warranty expired in December... Read more

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Bought a Ariens mower from Home Depot. Six months after purchased the transmission went out. Brought it to my repairman to fix. He said he would not touch it because the transmission was made of plastic. Think about it a plastic transmission. Lucky the mower was in warranty and was replaced free of charge. It has been about eight months now and the transmission is acting up again. When it goes out so does this piece of JUNK. A piece of... Read more

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The transmission went bad in the first year I owned it due to all the fluid leaking out around the back axles. The whole transmission had to be replaced but luckily it was under warranty. And now after 3 years of owning it, 2 years since they put in a new transmission, same thing again. I go to push the tractor out of the shed, I hear the gears grinding and find a puddle of fluid under the tractor. I called Ariens wont stand behind the... Read more

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